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Refugee Movement Journey to Greece

We are a group of 13 people from different countries, almost all living in Germany. We speak a lot of different languages, e.g. Arabic, English, Farsi, Dari, French, German, Kurdish, Pashto, Urdu, and Turkish. Most of us met during the self-organized refugee struggles in Bavaria, or in other anti-racist contexts. Most members of our collective came to Germany as migrants from Non-Western countries.

All members of our collective believe in freedom of movement for everybody and the right to choose to go where people want, whenever they want. We believe that for this to become true, it is necessary to provide reliable and trustworthy information for migrants: About their journey to and through Europe, and on the asylum system in EU member states.

That's why we are planning to travel through Greece for two weeks, from the 24th of March to the 8th of April. We aim at meeting people on the ground, in order to provide them with information through leaflets in different languages. We will also have info panels on the bus, displaying maps and legal advices about Greece, the destination and transit countries. Most of us have also experienced the situation of coming to Germany as a refugee and are able to share this with people who aim at going there.


The project is sponsored by Stiftung :do.






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Resistance in Chios island (Greece) against the deportations of new Turkey-Europe agreement

"No deport": today's protest against their deportation to turkey of #refugeesGr in #vial #chios #azadi pic.twitter.com/rL2k1nMBxA — lalil (@trotzdemdoch) April 3, 2016   one police bus with riot police arrived at #chios harbour now — lalil (@trotzdemdoch) April 4, 2016   Another bus with refugees arrived, police fencing off the area of harbour where they… Read more »

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Impression of the Situation in Greece Interview with Napuli Paul, activist from the refugee movement in Berlin and Germany

You have been for six or five days in Greece and you also went to tthe border in Idomeni what were your impressions there? First of all it was good that we are here and to see the situation. And the situation was really hard. You can not take it, you know. first of all… Read more »

Refugee Movement Journey to Greece

Kurdish Musicians in Idomeni

After walking through the demonstration where people demanded to open the border, we met many people from Kurdistan, coming from Syria and Iraq. We noticed more than one time that some of them had brought their music instruments along. That made us really interested how they managed to bring the instruments all the way from… Read more »

Refugee Movement Journey to Greece

The Life in the Camp

After arriving to Idomeni camp ( Greek Macedonian border ) and meeting the people to speak about what is the life conditions they live in the camp and how hard is it, we summarized that by photos describing different sides of the life situations in the camp .   Media group

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